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Gynecomastia, creatine, and marjiuana

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I recently developed gynecomastia in the past month and a half (I started noticing it mid/early May). From about early April I significantly increased the amount of marijuana I smoked while working on a creative project. Also, around the same time I also started taking creatine. Which do you think is the culprit? I'd prefer to continue taking creatine and simply reduce the amount of marijuana I smoke (or cut it out), but at the same time I don't want to aggravate the condition anymore. Right now it's still in the early stages, and the articles I've been reading seem to suggest that the problem will right itself if I just stop the behavior that's causing it. I just don't want to have to stop both behaviors Smile oy.

Just wondering what some of your thoughts are on this. Thanks so much!
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replied July 10th, 2011
Actually i think its the combination of the substances that are causing your gyno.

There have been studies that show a relation between marijuana and gyno but nothing has been proven yet. I think its not the marijuana that causes man boobs but its the munchies you get after smoking. So cut down on the junk.

Now since you mentioned creatine I assume you workout and if not than you need to stop using creatine. Creatine is notorious for storing water in joints and muscles so it will give you a bloated look.

Gyno does fade away with time but only if your a young teenager. Now if you are a mature adult its a different story. There are many reasons for gynecomastia and many ways to get rid of gynecomastia.

You should consult a doctor to get a proper diagnoses.
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