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gurgling and choking during sleep

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I tried to ask the doctor online but was not in right now? So can anyone else help.
My partner has serious throat problems, he makes very loud gurgling, drowning sounds, even bubbling/popping sounds deep in his throat whilst asleep every night. These are not snoring sounds, because he does those differently everynight also.He has woke on several occassions literally choking and cannot breathe. he needs his back hit very hard or he bangs his back on a wall or door frame to catch his breath again, it scares the crap out of him and I.He is a smoker so i believe that make be not helping
When he was first born he did have throat problems his windpipes or something needed to be cut or something as when he drank milk he'd always bring back up. was not possible to reach his stomach,?
So please any feedback would be nice, thanks for your help.
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