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I have many problems with my teeth. It seems like my dental health would not get better. Always something happens and get better for a while and comes back again. i have consulted many dentists but seems like they dont treat me completely...m sorry to say this. My family does not have teeth problems...its only me with all this problems. i just want to include that I have 3 wisdom teeth extracted the past 2 years. doctor said that there is not enough space fot the teeth to grow. so is removed due to infections
Here is a list of problems i have.

1: gum recession and tender gums

2: lower incisors are shaking due to receding.

3: sometimes bleeding when brushing

4: bad taste liquid coming from gum (it seems like the liquid is coming from gum, I actually dont know from where??)

5: sometimes tingling feeling

6: I feel that i have a cracked tooth on one side(molar) which sometimes gives shivers to the whole body

please help me
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replied April 19th, 2013
Did you ever find out what the liquid was coming out of your gums? And is it painful, like a stinging feeling?
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