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Hi there guys,

Not sure where to start, so bare with me. In October 2007 I became ill with rare form of headaches and it is still ongoing after numerous brain scans operations etc. In light of this I have became very depressed and seeking help for it. It appears that I may have Bipolar. At the moment we are discussing what drugs to take as whilst they were trying to sort out my headaches the passed two years I've been on lots of depression drugs, psyscophrenic drugs (excuse spelling) so they are not sure what to put me on yet.

My problem is that I need help in writing a letter to my husband, he is aware of my depression and wild mood swings etc and has said he would support me. We got married on the 14th August 2010 and then 4 days after the wedidng after I got upset about him forgetting lots of things on the wedding day. He said he wanted time out to decide if he wants to remain with me or not. Obviously, I didn't take this to well and suggested (as he cancelled the honeymoon) I go away for a few days. I was only able to book a 2 week holiday and done that as my husband said he would probably join me after the first week once he sorted his head out.

Today, however being 9 hours away in USA, i live in the UK I've found out by the neighbour that he has hired a truck and has removed all of his things whilst I'm away and has changed his number so I am unable to get hold of him. I am so upset as the last text I had from him was that he was sorry he didn't realise how ill I was.

I want to write him a letter to tell him I'm getting help, I love him and don't want to lose him but not sure how to put it into words.

Please help

Sarah J
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