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GTT and A1c tests ?

hello all,
I am new to this forum and have recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. I was wondering what test everyone is talking about GTT and A1C i have no clue what that is and am wondering if that is something I should ask to have done. Also, i was reading that caffein is really a no no for hypoglycemics. i figured this out on my own when i began realizing that i was having symptom after drinking my coffee, but it was only one cup. I've been reading about people who drink ten cups a day and feel the effects i only drink one. Is that unusual? I guess what im trying to say is that i am really new to all of this and am feeling abit overwhelmed so any advice i could get would be great. Thank you so much and i am really happy i found this forum because now i dont feel so alone.
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replied October 22nd, 2010
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It's not unusual. ALL caffeine is bad. Decaffinated doesn't mean no caffeine, keep that in mind, it just means less, but it doesn't matter for you. Make sure you read my diet here on this forum, it's east to find, just look for the robot face and the thread with lots of responses. As for your other questions.

GTT - glucose tolerance test. I suggest you try this before you start eating right. They give you 100g of sugar, and then watch your sugar levels over a period of up to 4-5 hours (depends on the hospital).

A1C - This measures your glucose levels over a span of a few months. It will show you how close you are getting to becoming diatbetic. I recommend this once a year once you start getting better, just to track if your diet is working.
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