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Growth on lower inside jaw bone

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I Went To My Dentist, As He Was Inspecting My Teeth He Said You Have A Growth On Your Lower Inside Jaw Bone Called "Tori". He Said It's Nothing To Worry About...
Well When I Came Home I Started To Check Online About "Tori".
As I Was Looking I Found That "Tori" Is a Form Of "Gardner's Disease"...
And Was Really Concerned About The Growth My Dentist Said I Had.
Can You Explain What Causes This Growth In My Mouth? Is There Anything I Can Do To Remedy This?Is There Any Tests That Can Be Done To Conform This?
Thanks For Your Time.
" Very Concerned "!!!
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First Helper laurenv26

replied June 28th, 2009
Your dentist is correct. What you have are mandibular tori. You can have them on both sides, or just one side. You can also get one of the roof of your mouth called a palatal torus. Torus is singular.

They are VERY common. I see them probably everyday. You don't need to be concerned about it unless it becomes painful OR you need a denture in the future as they sometimes need to be removed to make room for a denture which can't be pleasant (BRUSH AND FLOSS!!)

It's also pretty normal for them to VERY gradually increase in size over the years.

Gotta love the internet and how any little thing you try to research makes it seem like you've got some rare deadly disease!
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replied April 11th, 2013
Acute bone growth in lower jaw
I have an acute bone growth 4 months after starting to use my Snore guard that my dentisit molded and has made for me. It developed over 4 days and is almost triple in size than when i got the guard. It is extremely painful and is about the size of the end of the thumb joint protruding inward. He put me on antibiotics and pain meds which help but I have these growths throughout my lower jaw. My dentist may end up sending me to an oral surgeon for removal. How long is the recovery?, do you have prognosis?
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