i am just interested. Does someone with a GHD like andy milonakis who retains a youthful apperance and body like that of a teenage still have the ablities of a teenager? (Strength, felxablity, dextarity etc..)?
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replied June 28th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Sadly no. Strength, flexibility, dexterity are actually skills that require continuous training. Thus, it is not the age of the person, but the combination of the genetics and training.

If you are asking, if his bodily tissues will not age, and breakdown like the rest of us, the answer is still no. Aging is a consequence of damage to the DNA in the cells, through exposure to radiation, chemicals, toxins, infections, thorough out your lifetime. Genetics do play a big role, but they are not everything. With time, organs begin to breakdown.

His growth hormone deficiency keeps him from developing secondary sexual characteristics, but not from aging due to environmental stressors. He too will begin to show aging, graying of the hair, wrinkles, weakening of the muscles, slowing of the reflexes, etc. Sorry.
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replied June 29th, 2011
That makes sense. I was curious because if you don't know much about how the body ages etc....it would seem easy to think that someone who looks like they don't age also would function like someone who doesn't age. cool thanks now i know.
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