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Growth and pubertal development (too slow!)

Hello guys,

I'm not sure if I you can help me but I have an issue which bothers me a quite long time.

So my problem is that my growth and my pubertal development is quite slow.

I had also my growth plate measured but the result doesn't fit into current reality.

I'm 23 years now and I'm still about 1,71 m (growth plates showed about 1,80 m) and it's not only the height my whole appearance, I look more than a 16 year old than a 23 year old.

And I had no real pubertal growth spurt or whatsoever.

So I want to know if I can do anything to initiate or accelerate my development cause right now it's more or less (more less) is happening.

Maybe there's someone out there who can help me?

Best regards
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