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Grown sons still live at home and it's hellish!

A little bit of backstory first, as mentioned grown sons still live at home (they never moved out actually), anyway, it’s a three bedroom house, owed brother a debt—so had to take in his adult son (because of something he did with sister) and since they lived on the same street, agreed to let nephew move in, only leaving two bedrooms. One son is schizophrenic with violent outbursts—so obviously didn’t want him sleeping downstairs since he might go into the kitchen and grab a knife and threaten to kill someone (it’s happened before). Nephew as mentioned something happened with his sister (won’t disclose it) so he can’t be downstairs. That leaves other son (who despite being a sexually frustrated sex addict) was the only choice to sleep on the sofa downstairs, but he is constantly having wet dreams late at night and early mornings, he masturbates during the day in the open, and he carelessly leaves a lot of his sticky tissues laying around. Tried talking to them about the situation but they have nowhere else to go, and it’s very unbearable.
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