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Group b strep UTI

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After an annoying two weeks of being misdiagnosed and given the wrong antibiotics, my gynocologist had my urine cultured and said while i was negative for regular UTI, my culture revealed group b strep in the range of 50,000-100,000 colonies. she said that this meant i had a group b strep UTI and needed to be given the right antibiotics. because i am allergic to pennicillan, the best treatment option, i was given clindamycin. i started yesterday and will be on it for 5 days.

my symptoms are just slightly painful urination and at the end of each urination, pain when i whipe (burning). i've had 2 pelvic exams in which the dr. says everything looks fine and normal down there. the pain is still occuring, after only one day of treamtent and i am also on a probiotic which helps ease the pain a bit. the dr. says i have no stds, so this should not be the problem.

does anyone have experience with group b strep UTI? what treatments did you get? did they work? also, what i really want to know is why this happened to me? most cases seem to be in pregant women, but i am a non pregnant 33 year old woman. does this mean i am unhealthy because the group b caused this in me?

thank you in advance.
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