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Group A Streptococcus - Carriers

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I have been told I am a Strep A carrier and am curious about a few things.
I have been scouring medical journals, etc, and am not finding much.

1. How common is it to be a strep carrier?
2. What can trigger an infection in a carrier? (I got a severe infection after the birth of my first born and was told that severe stress on the body can trigger it)
3. Is my body producing antibodies that is keeping the strep "at bay" so to speak?

I would really like to get some more medical information regarding this as I believe my daughter may be a carrier as well.

Any resources or information would be greatly appreciated!

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replied March 2nd, 2009
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Individuals who are streptococcal carriers (chronic asymptomatic pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal colonization) are not usually at risk of spreading disease to others because of the generally small reservoir of often-avirulent (not pathogenic, not able to cause a disease) organisms.
If you get sick, you should be suspected for being reinfected with other strain of S. gr.A.
The prevalence of carriers of this organism varies according to geographical area, season of the year, socioeconomic status and age group (in school age children, the prevalence is reported to be between 15% to 20%).
What you have experienced is known as postpartum invasive GAS (group a str.) infection.
Women who had GAS as a cause of vaginal infection may have a tendency to be carriers of this organism, or this was spread by someone in the hospital.
It is of importance to determine if you are indeed a long-term carrier, which may pose a risk during your future pregnancies or other genital procedures.
Usually, a year after the severe infection, throat and vaginal swabs are taken periodically.
Although, strep carriers do not require antibiotics, since they are not at risk of strep infection complications, it is appropriate to treat the strep carrier to stop recurring infections in family or wider.
Also, in case of severe GAS, preventive antibiotic therapy for potential carriers
is recommended.
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replied March 18th, 2010
I am so happy to finally hear someone talk about this! I had my second son in June of 2009 and became very sick with Strep A the next day. I was intubated, placed on life support while in a coma for 26 days. I had multiple complications including multi-system failures, seizures, a pleural effusion, and many many surgeries. Not to mention the emotional strain of being away from my two children and husband. I didn't walk on my own for 2 months following my hospitalization and I am just getting back to my normal function now. After all this was over, my doctors told me that I was a strep carrier. I have researched this and I just don't get it. Why didn't I get sick after my first born child? I had twice the tears during his labour than my second! Will I get sick again? No one has swabed me to confirm I am a carrier! Shoudl I worry about my children? I also found out that the nurse that was helping deliver my baby was given antibiotics for strep. Why then is everyone so sure I am the carrier. Why wasn't a strep strain test done on her to see if it amtched the strain I had? If I got it from her, why aren't the infection control policies being looked at to prevent this from happening to someone else? I am very frustrated with this. Although my physical injuries are healing, emotionally, I have a long way to go and it doesn't help that I am not getting answers to my questions. So thank you for asking these questions and allowing me to share my concerns as well. If anyone has any advice, please share!
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replied July 27th, 2010
Group a strep carrier
I too have been diagnosed as a strep a carrier. Still in early diganosing phase. I have no symptons and have been told to take penicillian pills for 40 days (sounds a little much for me ) and on top of the pills I have to take monthly shots of penicillian. They only found out by the chance about the strep, the doctor thought or thinks I had Rheumatic fever. I don't totally agree with this. I am only concern with the chance I may have passed this on to my children, or even how long I may have had this.
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replied May 22nd, 2011
Additional Question
This is an additional question about your condition. I was dating someone who said they were a strep carrier. They left it at that, and said it was not possible to give it someone else. However, I have now been diagnosised with strep in my nose and around my groin. I have never had strep in my life, and I have never done anything different in my day to day activities. Is it possible she gave me strep?
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