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Groin Pain/Sore Testis

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I need some info, while i'm laying in bed resting this wonderful Sunday afternoon.

I believe I have suffered some type of groin injury, i'll give the details but keep it abbreviated because I hate long posts.

Here we go:

About me: Male, 34 years old.

The Detail:

Played Wiffle Ball last Tuesday....I was the catcher. A 230 lb guy ran into me, knocked me over. I fell back over and flipped head over heals. No noticilable injury at the time. I felt fine, but also had a few beers in me.

Wednesday....still no noticeable injury.

Thursday....started feeling a numbess/tingling in my inner thighs. My testicles were a little sore.

Friday....the numbness/soreness seemed to be subsiding. I thought to myself "'s nothing"

Friday night....I rent a log splitter and split 5 chords of woods. Did a bunch of heavy lifting of logs for about 5 or 6 hours...continuing into Saturday morning.

Saturday....returned log splitter, felt a little sore.

Saturday night....groin pain intesifies, testicles soreness/swollenness is the most extreme I've experienced. Nothing to extreme, just had to walk bow legged and lay down.

Sunday....slept on my back all Saturday night. woke up this morning the groin area felt a little better. Testicles still a little sore, but only when touched. If I lay still, everything subsides and I feel fine.

For those who feel compelled to respond, what does your inclination tell you. Groin injury? (my brain says likely, but little and vague info on the internet) Testicle cancer?(my brain say unlikely, but you can't rule out anything)

Thanks in advance....

and yes, I plan on going to the dr tommorrow if it is the same or gets worse.
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replied August 10th, 2008
From experience, It sounds like a groin pull or hernia. From being very active and playing sports non stop years ago I developed a hernia, which resulted in me having surgery. The pain that you describe along with the testicle pain makes it sound like one.

It still is too hard to tell over the internet but keep us updated after you hear from your doc.
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