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Great difficulty eating and with bowel movement

I have had issues with my stomach for the past 10 years.
I was always a healthy person who loved exercising. Then in Summer of 1997 at the age of 24 I noticed a slight discomfort in my stomach when I exercised. I would feel very bloated to the point of wanting to throw up. About a month after I first noticed this happening I was no longer able to exercise. Anytime I would try to just run, I would start to dry heave.
After seeing my doctor I was send to a specialist. The specialist had me on H Pylori program. This didn't help.
I was then told that my gull bladder needed to be taken out. It was taken out however it did not help any.
I have had a camera into my stomach a few times in the past few years however nothing was ever found. After 2 years of seeing my GI specialist I was told there was nothing he could do and was send back to my regular doctor.

Here's some symptoms I experience on daily bases.

After eating [ even small amounts] I feel very full and bloated. My stomach feels very tense and closed.I have to take a deep breath and release a deep burp in order to feel a little better. If I am not able to burp I will usually end up throwing up the food I just consumed.
It doesn't matter what type of food I consume. I have changed my diet a number of times over the last few years to see if anything will help.

I have had a real issue with bowel movement. This wasn't always a problem. It started about 5 years ago. I now consume natural Senna tablets every night to help with this[as per my doctor's instructions]. My stool is very soft and full of mucus. All the time.

Smoking and drinking definitely worsens my condition.
The morning after drinking my stomach feels like it's shut closed. Again I need to release a burp to ease the tension in my stomach however I can not do this. I usually end up dry heaving the whole day. [Needless to say I have quit drinking]

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated
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replied March 6th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
This could be related to allergies. Try going to an allergist and have them do skin testing for allergies. Dairy may be causing some of this. Get it checked. Simple changes may make all the difference for you. Good luck.
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