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Gray front tooth

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I am having thousands of dollars worth of dental work done. My dentist recently placed porcelain crowns on 5 upper front teeth. The teeth are beautiful except for one front tooth. That tooth had a root canal and a crown placed 30 yrs ago. When my dentist put on the new crown, the black stub of tooth shows through. He said he could replace the crown with a metal backed crown but that it wouldn't match the other 4 crowns, "probably." He said since the blackness doesn't "show" when I smile, that it isn't "that bad." It is bad to me. I have paid $4,000 for those 5 teeth which I had crowned so that they would all match. I need to know what alternative there is to fixing this gray tooth. I think he ought to be able to remove this crown and treat the black stub with something but all he suggests is replacing it with a crown that won't match the other teeth. I am left wondering why I started all this work if they aren't going to match! Thanks for some advice!
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replied January 9th, 2009
Totally understandable. I suggest you consult another dentist. I can really see no reason why they can't match it to the color of your other crowns.
Check out though the different types of crowns: ferent-types-of-tooth-crowns/ because if yours is from bad materials it might be harder.
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