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Grandmother has Lymphoma, I'm going through a lot of that.

For the last 2-3 months I've had the following symptoms;

Severe fatigue
Loud ringing in right ear (I'm also starting to struggle to hear people)
A cough
Seriously itchy hands and feet without a rash (Sometimes I get it all over but it's much more often on those two areas)
Swollen neck on the right side
A lump in the middle of my upper neck (Though, I'm unsure if it's just a bit of fatty tissue.. It's hard, smooth and doesn't move)
Random weight loss (I stopped most of my regular excercise and have been eating less healthy than normal due to the fatique and breathlessness but still seem to be slowly going down in weight)
Breathlessness (During any form of excercise)
Chest and rib pain
Loss of appetite (Though, I try and force myself to eat at regular times.)

And I think, besides the fatigue, the worst thing is.. the sweating!! I don't normally sweat a lot.. even during hard exercise but lately.. I'm soaked. And I'm constantly having to fan myself throughout the day because I feel so ridiculously hot.. it makes me feel dizzy.

I've so far had allergy medication, a nasal spray, anti-biotics and a chest x-ray. The only symptoms I've mentioned thus far to my doctor are the cough and fatigue.. as I wasn't sure what would actually be important to mention. Then the other day I found out my Grandmother has Lymphoma and she was telling me what she'd be going through.. how she felt, etc. and I suddenly thought.. I've been going through a lot of that.

However, I'm not sure whether to go back to my doctor about this as my chest x-ray came back normal. Am I just being paranoid? Should I go in and actually ask about Lymphoma? Should I ask for a CT scan or another other tests?

On a side note, I have Hypermobile, so I always worry the fatigue is just connected to that.. however, I've had fatigue before and it's never been to this extent. I'm falling asleep at work, come home and fall asleep as soon as I sit down.. I can't keep my eyes open while my hubby is talking to me.. it's ridiculous.

Also, I'm a 25 year old female.
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