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Grabbing feeling in chest

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i am feeling weird around my chest , it's like something is grabbing it and holding my breath.
I woke up in the morning feeling a little tired i made around 40 push-ups took a shower and went to class, at around noon i sat with my friends and smoke a cigarette. then i went to class which was 4th floor and when i got almost there i had that feeling that something grabbed my chest but no pain what so ever and my heart rate was normal it was beating fast. so i went back home and laid down for a while and now i'm sending this message hoping someone would answer me fast.
i have read a little and my conclusion was anxiety so please advice.
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replied May 13th, 2009
Anxiety, stress.
stress can cause many problems like anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure and heart problems as well. I am very familiar with high anxiety levels and constant panicing untill you can't breath. what worked for me is Omega III for the heart and blood vessels, Oxygen extreme for respitory system and relax air channels, and you need a healthy sleep so use a natural and vegetarian suplement like L-Tryptophan which an amino acid that is produced in the brain to maintain healthy seretonin levels and mood stabilizer and promotes healthy sleep, just take it on empty stomach and as prescribed. I believe they will help you like they helped me or better. Good Luck
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