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Gout with normal uric acid levels?

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Hello, I am in a real quandry. Last year I had surgery, arthrodesis, on the big toe on my right foot. I had a lot of pain in both big toe joints and went to a podiatrist. In fact I went to two, both took x-rays and mentioned in passing that it looked like there might be some gout in the joint.

The second podiatrist/surgeon did the surgery on the right foot and told me that the joint did contain a lot of 'gout' and described it as cottage cheese like.

When I saw my regular physician months after the surgery I told him what the other doctor had said and he seemed very surprised and asked me if a biopsy had been done on this substance. Since both doctors are in the same clinic I asked him to check the records to see if one had been done. Evidently there wasn't one. But my physician immediately ordered blood tests which came back saying no arthritis and no gout, the uric acid was normal.

Is it possible to have gout with normal uric acid levels?

Thanks in advance for any comments,
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replied April 10th, 2012
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For gout crystals to form, uric acid in the blood must be above normal. BUT, the uric acid level in the blood can be very variable, so that a snapshot taken in one blood test may be at a time when the uric acid level was normal. A normal uric acid blood test in a gout patient is not an unusual occurrence.
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replied July 4th, 2013

Jubal, there are tons of other symptons that mimic gout. You could have an auto-immune type of arthtis, a neuroma (growth around the nerve) or even a fracture like me. Obviously your Dr's are a bunch of jokers if they saw "cottage cheese" and didn't even test it or think twice about wondering why the hell it was there. Ugh we have so many useless doctors nowadays, I've had my fair share. You should look into seeing a specialist, or a different doctor until you find one that isn't a complete idiot. They will order whatever tests necessary to find out what is wrong with you.
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