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Gout Relieved by Cherry Juice, MethylB12, Baking soda

I am sharing because it took me years to discover this to relieve my gout. I have not had a flareup for over 2 years with the following regimen. :)

Just FYI ... cherries or 'juicy juice' cherry juice 100% juice no sugar added. Drink a cup a day and it sifts out the uric acid out of your liver which in turn assists in avoiding flare ups with Gout.

I did this for many years and it barely ever flares-up. But also within the past few years I was diagnosed with MTHFR a defiency in B12, folic acid and B6 but I need the converted form of B12 which is methylB12. Maybe you have a defiency in B12 which also causes gout.

So try one or both but I'd suggest the methylB12 1000 over the regular form it absorbs quicker into your system. It assists the liver in sifting out the uric acid and assists the liver to work efficiently.

Secondly uric acid build up ... what a pain. I have this in my knees, feet, hands. But what I discovered also is that 2 hours before or after a meal get a glass of water and put a spoonful of 'arm & hammer' baking soda in it, stir and drink. By doing this it dissolves the crystals around the joints. You can do this once a day, in a week you will feel a big difference. Also, when doing this be sure to drink plenty of water through out the day such as 8 - 8oz water. Because a baking soda can cause kidney stones so the water prevents it from doing so. I do this for 1-2 weeks until I feel the joint stiffness is relieved and better motion is felt.

Doing this I actually can eat what ever I want without flareups. I drink the cherry juice prior to a meal which may cause a flareup like fish or crabs just to be on the safe side. But overall doing the above keeps my gout in check.

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replied December 3rd, 2012
Have a question feel free to ask. Smile Just FYI I use Jarrows MethylB12 or Wonderlabs Methylb12 which I get from Amazon. Smile Both are great but wonderlabs' methylb12 desolves faster under the tongue vs Jarrows.
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replied December 4th, 2012
May I ask what are your blood uric acid levels before and after you took these remedies? Thanks.
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replied December 7th, 2012
Tell u the truth my doctor never told me my level he just said I had gout and to avoid seafood he never did follow up in any way except when I went in with other flare ups and he gave me pills which relieved the swelling within a couple days. After this I began my search and found the above.

My liver and kidney is not the best and when I read that gout is caused by build up in the liver and it's inability to get the uric acid out of the system that is when I realized cherry juice helps to cleanse the liver of impurities including uric acid. Later that is when I discovered my deficiency which once again impaired the excretion of the uric acid then upon taking the b12 I noticed the pain in my toe was completely gone or at time very minimal if I ate crabs or seafood which I would be sure to drink cherry juice after.

Due to kidney and liver issues I drink the cherry juice and cranberry juice to maintain and cleanse both.

Ofcourse this method helps extremely and I do not have an extreme flare up any more. Normally when I start feeling a tingling or swelling I take the above and it wards it off. But I have avoided having to do this because I have decided to take the methylb12 and a cup of cherry juice everyday so only time I may feel it coming on is around the holidays which is still minimal, nothing compared to before. Which is a big relief considering at time I felt my toe was going to split in half...awful.

If I forget to take the above due to a flu or something I notice it slowly coming back and can feel it in my knees, toes, etc and then feel the ratchety feeling then I take the baking soda to clear the uric acid around my joints along with the methylb12 and cherry juice and normally in a week all is well.

I forgot to mention I am also required to take aspirin everyday due to thick blood and we all know this flares up gout but I no longer have this worry because of taking the methylb12 and cherry juice. Just an example to show it is working and working effectively. Smile

I am only sharing because I suffered with gout for many years prior to this discovering and it is the worst pain and I do not want others to suffer if I can help by giving this info.

Good luck.
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