Is this usual? It started 9 days ago with really sharp pains in my ankle, redness and swollen in that area also.
I actually thought it was an insect sting to begin with.
The pain was really bad to start with, I had trouble putting any weight on it, since then the area of pain seems to be moving up my leg. it's now about 6 inches from my knee and seems to be more in the front side of my calf muscle. (near my shin bone) The ankle is still red but not as painful.
I've never experienced anything like this before but Dr did say it was gout. that was 7 days ago.
is this usual symptoms for gout especially if it's my first attack?
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replied July 4th, 2013
I'll be posting this all over this forum, but please do NOT let your doctor tell you it is gout just because it may look that way. Doctors can be lazy sometimes, and will not even investigate further into disorders. Make your DR order more tests, ask them questions, make them get answers. This would be a fracture somewhere in your foot, or something entirely different. Have they even taken a fluid sample to confirm gout? If not, your Dr is ignorant to tell you that you have gout without even confirming it. Trust me, I've been there and done that....went through a lot before my rheumatologist did an MRI and found a fracture in my foot.
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replied August 5th, 2013
Hi thanks for the reply, to all other people that experience something similar VTMatt speaks so much sense.
I've had a very eventful few weeks where blood tests proved it wasn't gout. I had further tests where they actually thought it may be DVT. I had ultrasound tests and this was dis-proved too. it seems I had Phlebitis. very very painful but seems to be improving now. 6 weeks later I might add. I had been taking Naproxen for arthritis in the hip and it's possible that this drug has caused the Phlebitis. I have never had any health issues before (apart from the Osteo Arthritis) I am no longer taking any medication and am going to try yoga to free up some movement in my hips. hope all this info helps someone in the future. Roy
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