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Gout complications

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A little back story...

I have had gout for many many years... Im 35 years old, but I started some of my first attacks when I was 25.

My grandfather has it, my mother has it, so LUCKY ME.. I have it.

Everything that effects gout is my favorite. Spicy food, High Protein food, Wine and Shell Fish. I cut down as much as possible.

Normally I get it across the bridge of my foot. Oddly I have never got gout in my toe. But I have noticed that my Gout moves from joint to joint.

It went from my foot, too my knee and now it seems its going into the Hip. One night I was in so much pain I was sweating. Its is a horrible attack, one im still trying to cope with. Im 35 and Im walking like im 95.

I had a Uric Acid test and it was in fact a level of 15. My doctor told me that when he gets attacks its around a 7. He also has gout, so he knows what I'm going through.

The issue im having is my liver enzymes were very high due to the fact that I drink a lot. They were 122. He wants me not to drink or take any pain meds for 2 weeks so I can have another blood test to see if the enzymes go down.

It's been one week and I have been living off of water, salads, very little protein, and not a drop of alcohol. The gout seems to be as strong as it was prior.

Does anyone know ANY pain medication that does not effect the liver?

Is moving gout a common thing?

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replied August 23rd, 2011
I can't say if there is a liver complications but I use NATEUCA? its a eucalyptus spray and it really controls the pain of gout for me. I like all natural stuff and this is 100% natural. I hope this helps you. I found it online it works for me immediately.
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