Can you have a normal uric acid level during a gout attack and higher when no symptoms are present?
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replied November 25th, 2009
In my case, apparently so.

I am a gout suffer for years, but just recently confirmed it with joint aspiration. I am on Uloric and my UA is under 6 mg/dl, for about 4 months now.

But I still get attacks, what the doctor and others are telling me it is because the drug is lowering you crystaline concentration in your joints, as they become soluble, they go back into the bloodstream and causes an inflammatory reaction eg. flares. But the long-term benefit of being on drug therapy, as I am hoping that it is true, is that most of the gouty deposits in the joints will work their way out, thus preserve your joint integrity , eg, no joint destruction.

There may be a price to pay; however, as long-term drug use does come with some serious side effects. You and your doctor must weight the risk-benefit ratio and you have to decide to be pain free or to need a liver/ kidney transplant!

Then again, I have talked with people who has been on Allopurinol for 30 years without problems. (allopurinol and my stomach/liver doesn't get along)


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replied December 5th, 2009
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Hi cheermom,
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