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Got hit on the jaw, TMJ? What can I do now?

I got hit on my jaw almost 6 0r 7 years ago when playing basketball. Right away, I felt my jaw pops when I open my mouth wide or wide enough. There was minor pain at the time. But very soon, pains were gone. Only when I tried to open my mouth real wide to a certain point, I could hear like cracked sounds at the joint area. It's been many years now, I kinda got used to it. I was hoping it will heal itself or realign itself when I got hit. Then it heals a little as the popping reduced (means open and close mouth a bit smoother, still a bit popping). It has been like that with me all these years. As I got older, I am concern will it got worse when I got real old, or maybe I will have difficulties eating. Should I actually do something about it now? Thanks
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