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got drunk, kinda hooked up with a guy , am I pregnant?!

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I feel really weird asking this but here goes...
Went to a party got drunk, kinda hooked up with a guy but didn't have sex, not that I know of. I am, or if for some reason we did, was a virgin. I'm not sure what it's like after your first time but I'm pretty sure I'm still a virgin. Anyways, that night was about 2 and a half weeks ago and just last night I was very neauseas and threw up. I've been tired and nervous that there may be a chance am I pregnant? How would I know? Am I just being paranoid? I'm really scared, but I swear I thought I'd know for sure if I was a virgin or not ?
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replied January 19th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Was this possible sexual encounter around the time that you would have been ovulating (ie in general, half way between your periods)? Have you missed your period or is it significantly late?

Usually, if you had sex, when intoxicated, the first time, you may have been quite sore once you sobered up. If the man ejaculated inside you, you may have noticed some semen on your genitalia or underwear.

You can get a home pregnancy test from a pharmacy. Be sure to read the instruction on when you should do the test (how long after intercourse or missed period), so that the test is valid.

So, if you have not missed a period and the pregnancy test is negative, then you are not pregnant. But, more than one woman has gotten pregnant "by accident" when intoxicated. If you are still concerned after doing the testing, see your gynecologist. You may also want to consider getting on birth control, so you won't have to ask this question again, or be in the position to have to ask it.

Good luck.
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