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Good weeks and Bad weeks?

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I've had mono for 7 months now (tested positive). I feel like I will have 1 good week almost every 2-3 weeks where I don't have headaches, anxiety, or brain fog. I'm having one of those good weeks this week so I'm going to see if something in my lifestyle i.e. getting plenty of rest and not overexerting myself causes them.

Does anyone else experience good weeks and bad weeks with mono? Any thoughts on what I should do?
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replied May 12th, 2012
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Ya, first it's bad days...Then good days and bad days, then good weeks and bad weeks, then good months bad months, then an occasional bad day here and there. This goes on for awhile..Nothing you can do either, make sure you rest when need, eat well and be patient.
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replied May 24th, 2012
Yes, I am going through the good day bad day instead of good week bad week. I was only diagnosed with mono Easter weekend of this year but I am 43 and it has just about killed me. I am seeing the doctor again today because the pain is so horrible I get sick. I am an otherwise extremely healthy person/athlete so this has really taken a toll on me and my family. I don't even have to do much to send me into the downward spiral so I think there is something else going on. The frustration of it all is even stressful. I have tried professional massage to try and get the lymphnodes to drain and get moving but to no avail. The pain in my neck back and head is absolutely unbearable. I never even got headaches before this. I also get a feeling of uneasiness such as a low blood sugar shakiness, loopiness. Just a very weird feeling all over body. It is disappointing to hear that it is taking you so long to recover. I keep hoping for a miracle recovery time but the more research I do, the less hopeful I am of getting through this soon. I don't know if it is possible, but I almost think it comes back as in reactivates itself when I have my down days??? Who knows? I hope you beat it and stay positive. I have read some articles on Aspargalus herb but nothing too definitive. I guess it would not hurt to try.
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