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Good food for sex

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Food has a lot of effects , but have you ever thought it could make you feel romantic?

There is certainly food for sex also. Now we all know that the effects of these foods has the effect of its own. You tried to eat something that makes you want to "love" yet?

One of the most popular food which helped them to have sex as oysters. Oysters are foods rich in zinc, but zinc is an important part in the production of male hormones. No doubt, oysters are the food stir emotions.
Chocolate is one food you arouse feelings. Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, a stimulant positive effects of sex. Chocolate is smooth, smooth melt in your mouth, it is also causing excitement and attraction.

So what do you think when hearing the word "honeymoon", whether it stems from something sweet honey sexy? That is right, honey is also a "drug" for the magical feelings of the couple. In ancient times, honey was regarded as a symbol of good luck to newly married couples.

Also asparagus is also used from the 1800s as a very nutritious food is effective in about "sex", although no sure explanation for this asparagus dish.

Some foods stimulate others are: bananas, avocados, figs and artichokes.
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