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Going 3-5 days without sleep, EXTREMELY bad insomnia!!

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I have had the worst case of insomnia I have ever known of as far back as I can remember. It has been so bad at times that it caused me to be expelled from high school, because I would become unpredictible and hyperemotional in my sleep deprived state. I am now 29 and this condition has only gotten worse. I have tried everything I can think of in order to get sleep! It has taken extraordinary measures to put me out at the end of the day... the only things that seem to work are high doses of whatever medication the doctor is trying me on at the time, and though they work at the high doses, those doses are not safe. I've gotten sleep following 2mg doses of xanax, 250mg doses of trazadone, 30mg doses of ambien, marijuana worked wonders but is illegal in Ohio so I don't smoke it anymore. Melatonin hasn't worked, diphenhydramine gives me rebound insomnia... my doctor suggested earlier today that I try zyprexa, but I am extremely weary because it is an antipsychotic medication and I've went in to anaphylactic shock following treatment with two other antipsychotic meds... and I'm not even schizophrenic... I tried to fill out an "ask the doctor" question, but constantly get the message that the doctors aren't in right now... I dont know what's up with that... but I do need someone who knows what they are talking about to give me a few tips here.

I haven't slept since Monday november 15th... and its the 17th now... anyone have any ideas?
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replied November 29th, 2010
i have insomnia sometimes for a few days like that, and it's hell. i get like five hours a night right now and it feels like heaven!! anyway, when i can't sleep, i take 50 to 75 mg of promethazine. (fenagran sp?), it's a nausea medicine. amien makes me go crazy, and nothing else has really worked. minus a lot of valuim, but the hangover is hell. i'm in oregon now, just moved from ohio. medical m. is legal here, and that seems to help, so did leaving ohio for some reason! hahaha.
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replied December 2nd, 2010
You should really try to get healthy natural sleep.
Because when you take medication you are not actually sleeping. When natural sleep happens you body gets a full on service. Your muscles cells are regenerated. Just like taking a car to do oil, filters changed. And during this time your brain is very active, coordonating all the activities. Medication is not good because it lowers your brain activity, so your brain can't rejuvenate your body. So this way you are not actually getting any rest. Your are just like a vegetable.

What can you do to be able to go to sleep.

1 Get exercise every day.
- helps raise body temperature. and will have more energy during the day. A great site for exercise is (i have no connetion to it).The routine will only take half an hour in the morning and you will feel execelent the whole day
- will get you tired Smile
2 Get day light as much as you can.
- helps raise body temperature. also more energy (and consumed energy will get you tired)
3 Your bedroom
- temperature of the room should be around 22Celcius
- in your bed you shouldn't do anything else but sleep or sex. Because if you read, watch tv or learn, your brain will associate the bed with thinking or entertainment. And you will have trouble shutting it off when you want to go to sleep.

4 To shut your brain of here are some exercises.
1. hold your breath and feel your pulse (not with your hand, but in your cest). to go even deeper try to feel it in your fingers then knees and then tous. Don't panic if you cant feel it in the beggining. The purpose is to get your mind still.
2. when you hear a thought. repeat it. slower each time. If your mind runs away again take the next thought and do the same thing.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks, Ciprian
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