What do these stomach symptoms mean?
For a while now I have been noticing on and off stomach problems.
Mainly these
-fatigue especially after eating meals
-stomach ache, not especially cramps but an ache which is always around and is sometimes worse about 30mins-1hour after eating
-constipation or outrageous diarrhea
-mouth ulcers
-lots of bloating
-bad headaches
A few others but these are my main ones.
I've been having a look online (not always the best idea I know) and I have been noticing these symptoms significantly increase after I have eaten a meal or snack such as cereal, pasta, bread, wraps and all kinds of cereal bars and crackers and other things quite similar to this. (even say like 2 fishfingers)
Online my research is quite drawn to some kind of wheat or gluten intolerance, but I was wondering if there was any other suggestions as it's getting worse now and I am beginning to notice it a lot more frequently- or if you could advise me of my next steps or if this is some kind of intolerance to something?And the main common symptoms of those! (or for anybody that has experienced this kind of problem but has got it sorted out and under control now)
Also I'm only 15 and I'm not sure that my mum believes me so how can I tell her that this is really affecting me.

Thank you in advance to anybody that has read all of it and that is kind enough to post an answer!
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replied June 2nd, 2014
I am sure your mom would understand if you tell her about what you are experiencing and that you want to try a gluten free diet for two weeks to see if it makes a difference. Just explain that you are in pain and suffering. No mother wants their child to suffer. Two weeks will be long enough for you to tell if your symptoms are improving. If it is not gluten then check dairy, soy, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, sugar, these are the most common food sensitivities after gluten. There is a lot of hidden gluten in many foods so refer to this list when doing a gluten free diet:

Check every ingredient in everything you buy. For the gluten free diet to work you need to eliminate gluten completely for two weeks so that you know if it helps. Good luck!
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replied March 19th, 2018
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There is increasing evidence for a gluten-related condition that causes symptoms in people who don’t have celiac disease and are not allergic to wheat. Researchers are still trying to discover the exact biological cause of this condition, known as NCGS.
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