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Gluten intolerance - is it Celiac?

Hi all,

My journey of frequent hospital visits started a few months ago with a blood test showing elevated TPO (Thyroid antibodies). I have originally asked for a complete analysis including the thyroids as I was feeling abnormally anxious and depressed, had occasional joint pain in the knees, chest popping, low appetite, unexplainable fatigue and consistently loose stool.

I saw various specialists who all ended up prescribing antidepressants whether it was their area of expertise or not. I had already been coming off them which hasn't been easy so I didn't really want to go back on them as this wasn't an answer to my symptoms. In the blood tests, it also turned out that I had low vitamin D levels, iron deficiency and high cholesterol which didn't really match my lifestyle. Plus, I had an army of kidney stones in my kidneys which don't cause pain but occasional bleeding. The answer I got to any abnormality was that it is either genetic or that my body is causing it without an explanation.

I am a 29 years old woman who has always been thin and energetic. After doing some research, I noticed that the doctors would wait until my thyroids were partially destroyed by the antibodies to be able to offer treatment. After scaring myself enough of all things related to autoimmune diseases, I read about gluten sensitivity being a possible culprit in triggering some of these disorders.

So I went for the food intolerance test, which shows gluten, dairy/casein, egg, wheat sensitivity. (everything I have learned and like to eat Sad) It will be harder to walk away from dairy and eggs than gluten for me. Does this indicate that I have Celiac? Are there other tests I should ask for to verify it? Is this a sentence for the possibility of developing other autoimmune diseases as well? Will the necessary diet change help with the thyroid issue?

To say the least, I am scared as I haven't been finding things out through the support of doctors but mostly through forums which are full of people who have suffered for years as a result of inadequate diagnosis. The adjustments to the diet sounds daunting, I don't know where to start from. Just one day of a controlled diet, resulted in a better stool consistency so I am inclined to believe in its validity.

I realise this is going to be an adjustment for life. I can't help worrying if there is a light at the end of this tunnel or if this is just the beginning of more problems.

All advice is appreciated!

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replied January 31st, 2013
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It may be celiac desease but it is equally likely that you have a condition called leaky gut or possibly both. The only real solution is to ilimate the foods that you have shown to be intolerant to. there are plenty of other foods and the shuger aditction fades within a week or so as your body gets used to your new diet. A diet which dose not iritate your gut will lead onto improved over all heath. My only advice would be make your own bead alternitves from nut or pulce floures rather than spending lots of money on comercal products which are full of additives. there are a lot of good sites on-line for veganes with food intolances.

this is a bit off the norm but consulting a repairable herbal practitioner, (in the uk there is a governing and registareation body, i do not know about other conterys) they should be able to help you with the balanecing the diet, they may also come up with a tincher to help heal your gut and other organs according to their assesment of your problems. A good practoner will also emplane what they are doing and why along with how they have come to their conclusions.
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replied February 27th, 2013
Thyroid and gluten intolerance
Hello Blisss,
I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Hoshimoto thyroiditis during my 2nd pregnancy and put on high doses (100ug) of thyroid hormone (my thyroid was already partially destroyed by antibodies). I was told my hypothyroid condition might get better after the delivery, but I didn't feel well even a couple of years later (my medication went down just a little to 75 ug and my TPO's were in thousands). I had two little kids to take care of. Searching for answers I came across a book on autoimmune disorders (Why do I still have thyroid symptoms by D.Kharrazian) and decided to try a gluten-free diet. Still taking my thyroid hormone, I started to feel terrible, because I became hyperthyroid. My endocrinologist took me off my meds (although couldn't figure out what happened, didn't believe my dietary change could be a cause) and after about 2 weeks I felt like a new person. I have lived without the thyroid meds (and on GF diet) for 3years. My TPO are still higher than "normal", but 10x lower than used to be & my thyroid functions just fine. I don't take any other supplements, I simply just "watch" what I eat. It is not that difficult and I believe the change will bring you a relief. Good luck!
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