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Gluten Free Cleanse?


I wasn't sure which forum to post this in...

I'm considering doing a gluten free detox for weight loss. It sounds pretty easy, but I'm not so sure... Basically you eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans and you cut out all meat, dairy, breads, pastas, desserts, and processed sugars.

I'm really looking for something to kick start better eating and shed these last 5 pounds. Has anyone done a vegan gluten free detox? Is it easy to stick with? Should I do 3 days or 6??


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replied April 16th, 2011
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replied May 9th, 2011
Hi there,

It's strange but I've read a few articles stating that somewhere around 50% of people are allergic to gluten. They state it causes an inflammatory response in the system.

On another note my friend who has been diagnosed with MS went on a gluten detox, which kickstarted her into a lifetime gluten diet. It has worked wonderfully for her. Her symptoms very rarely come up as long as she maintains her diet.
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replied December 27th, 2012
Every individual have different body structure thus they should have different diet plan. Even a diet that has been successful with your friend might not work for you. So now instead of waiting for others replies you should start your diet plan by considering your own body structure.

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