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Glucose Intolerant?

Please help figure out what is wrong with me.

After I eat I get very, very sleepy, almost like I took a sleeping pill. (Not the normal laziness one gets after stuffing themselves. I never stuff myself. I eat very small meals.) Also, my head feels awful - like it is swelling sort of, with pressure. I also feel some anxiety while I eat, and even some sadness (I do not have any mental disorders).

These symptoms go away after a while but they never leave 100%. Other symptoms I have that may or may not be related include feeling lightheaded (especially when I stand up), nausea (especially when I don't eat), ringing in my head, a burning sensation on my feet and lower legs (especially at night).

Due to my epilepsy, constipation, and vulvodynia and interstitial cystitis, there is very little I can eat. My diet usually consists of Cornflakes or Rice Krispies for breakfast with 1% milk and a banana, no sugar. During the day I eat plain brown rice with a little salt cooked in, and Tasti Taters plain. Sometimes I eat peas with a little butter. Sometimes I eat eggs, hashbrowns, broccoli and ham scrambled with a little butter. I eat popcorn (Natural) almost every evening. Sometimes I eat grilled chicken and potatoes. I eat fresh cucumbers. So yeah, my diet consists mainly of corn, rice, and potatoes.

Due to my epilepsy I CANNOT eat ANY whole grains or Parmesan cheese or beans. I also try to limit my dairy, sugar, caffeine, white flour, and MSG. It is the gluatamate or gluatmine in these foods that cause me problems with my epilepsy. I have been epileptic for 10 years but only when I tried to switch over to whole grains completely last year to help my constipation did I start getting problems with food and epilepsy.

When I eat sugar the only way I can explain it is I feel strange, especially in my head. I also do not eat any sucralose or fake sugars, they have made me feel ill for years. These other symptoms only cropped up in the last year.

I have also found that I need to eat meals no more than every 3 hours or else I don't feel well.

Please help. I don't get to see my doctor until October. Thanks!
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replied September 7th, 2010
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Could somebody please help me figure out what is wrong with me? Any ideas, such as hypoglycemia maybe? Thanks!
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