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global development delay not autism


My son has been seing a paediatrician for some time now,to whether he had ASD,as well as other problems,that we are concerned about, well, ive heard back from the Autistic Diagnostic Forum, and the outcome in the box its ticked that my son does not have ASD,and there is also atick in a box, where it says ''other-specify'' and its says Evidence of global development delay.Could you explain to me, is this saying that my son has GDD?

many thanks .
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replied February 27th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Basically, it means that his overall development is behind where it would be expected for a child of his age. But, it does not give an etiology for the delay.

From what you have noted, he does not meet the diagnostic standards for being autistic. He also doesn't seem to meet the criteria for other known developmental disorders. So, since he isn't quite up to the standards of a child of his age, he is listed as having a Global Developmental Delay. At least until a diagnosis can be made, if it can.

Good luck.
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