Hi there
i am 33, my mum has got glaucoma and ctracts,
i had a lazy eye as a child, i have reading glasses, i am worried that my eye sight has got worse,
my side vision seems blurred, my eyes hurt alot, i cannot read for more than half a hour at a time before i geta headache,
my eyes feel weepy,
my eyesight seems to be getting worse i get pains in my eyes alot these past few days.
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replied February 10th, 2009
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Family history of glaucoma is a strong risk factor for developing the same problem, but, still, increased pressure within the eye is the major risk factor.
Gradual loss of vision, pain in or behind the eye ball, headache and sensitivity to pressure, could be symptoms of glaucoma.

I think you should get a new glasses prescription (you are getting headaches, and tired, weepy, painful eyes as you strain them and surrounding muscles to see better).

Regular check ups are important for people that are wearing glasses and the ones with family history of vision problems.

Best wishes!
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replied February 12th, 2009
For relief at the moment you should try Natures Tears EyeMist, it's convenient and penetrates the tear film so it actually works, it will sooth your eyes and the pain.

Brittney Saunders
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