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I'm 17 yrs old. I always had foreskin covering the gland. I liked it that way, while erect too. But just yesterday my gal was humping me (we both were clothed and no touching) ..the foreskin went behind. Later when i lost my erection i the foreskin never came back!!??!!! I tried pulling it back. Where is it gone?? My gland is exposed now.It touches the underwear and when im out for a long time it sort of gets stuck to the underwear and doesnt pain but its uncomfortable and yes kindda painful. My gland has never been exposed before!! I WANT MY FORESKIN BACK! What should i do??

Please help me its been 24hrs and i feel soo uncomfortable.
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replied March 5th, 2010
Aww dude. Don't panic. Your foreskin is still there somewhere and you should be able to pull it back over the glans (head) of your penis. I can't tell without seeing but i'm guessing it must be tight and has rolled kinda back on itself or something and got a bit stuck. It should easily roll back and forth and normally when not erect it would generally pretty much automatically cover the glans when flaccid. Don't worry though. There's no way it's gone- you'd have noticed if u ripped it off lol. You could try lubricating it with some mild mosturiser to make it move easier (only do this if the area isn't too sore- you don't want to irritate it). If you have no luck get down to the doctors as soon as possible to be safe- don't be embarrassed the doc will understand (oh yeah don't worry about geting an erection at the doctors either- a lot of guys worry about that- it's normal- no doctor will think anything of it). Also don't feel like you've done something wrong- you haven't it's just one of those things, the doc will be very understanding if u need his help with it. Hope this helped dude. Wish I could just fix it for you. I think there's a facility on here to message me- if there is then feel free to. Good luck man Smile
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