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Glans exposed after Circumcision

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Has Circumcision made oral sex, sex or even manstrubation better?
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I am 20 and had tight foreskin so had to go through Circumcision 5 days ago. Now my glands a exposed and i feel very uncomfortable and intense pain when it touches whatever i am wearing, although briefs are helping me a little bit. My glands become so dry it pains and i always have to put some gel to keep it moist. I am concerned that would i have to do this the rest of my life? Before Circumcision oral sex was not fun for me, practically i felt nothing other than discomfort when my partner tried to pull back my foreskin. But now my glands are so sensitive will i feel any different than before? Also now my underwear is always wet and one of my friend also 20 years old who was circumcised as an infant has his underwear always wet, will this happen always to me?
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replied May 3rd, 2009
i mean your glans will loose some sensity in the next weeks and month.
after this you will have no problems with the free glans and it will be better for oral sex too, because your glans will be more clean now, with less smelling....
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