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GIST 1cm found in stomach with submuscosal lessions

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Hi there. I am a 39yr old female, I have had a stomach ache for over a year now, with variations in my bowel movements and bloating of the stomach area. These seem to have started following a colposcopy for cinIII. Since that time I have been backwards and forwards to the doctor regarding this and was getting to the stage where I thought perhaps it's just me!
A couple of weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with severe pain located just under my bottom right rib, which was suspected gall bladder infection. I had an ultrasound, which showed it wasn't that. I then had an endoscope(? - camera into the stomach) and it showed a 1cm lump (described as a GIST) with submuscosal lessions and a biopsy was taken - which shows clear. Bloods show normal too.
I am really quite anxious, I have a ct scan nxt tuesday, then the consultant on wednesday.
Has anyone had anything similar? or does anyone know if there is it likely they would operate?
thank you
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