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Girlfriend pregnant? 1 min unprotected sex

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Ok guys we had unprotected sex for about 15 seconds, sure it isn't much but I'm sure some precum came out.

After that we used a condom and i always pull out.

She was suppose to get her period yesterday(she's 19 and worried -- so I'm guessing this could affect her cycle??) and her nipples usually get sensitive around her period time, but we had sex last night and it didn't seem to be the case.

I woke up very worried this morning. Would love someone to help me out here. Thanks everyone!
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replied December 6th, 2009
Stress can ABSOLUTELY affect when you get your period. Chances are you guys aren't pregnant because it was only 15 seconds and precum does not have a high rate of causing pregnancy. Although you are probably safe this time, PULLING OUT IS NOT CONTRACEPTION! I have more than a few acquaintances than have become pregnant from this method of "birth control". If you two do not want to get pregnant I suggest your girlfriend considers the pill, ring, or patch. Safe and easy ways of staying baby-free.
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