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Girlfriend left me after we had child

I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now and we have always gotten along and nver got into one argument in those 3 years. Just this past August we had a child together and since then she has been kinda distant from me. We always argu about raising our child and can not seem to get along at all. Her Dr. Diagnosed her with Post Partium Depression and put her on zoloft. For awhile she was doing fine and all of a sudden stopped taking the meds. Things went down hill from there. We got back into more arguments and she left me twice and took the baby with her out to her moms house to stay. Both those last times we would talk and things seemed like they were worked out and she would come home. Well since the last time she came home I thought things were very well. We both seemed happy and had fun together again. Seemed like a family again. All of a sudden over the weekend i broke my leg in an accident and after she picked me up from the hospital she said that she cant take me getting hurt anymore (I am accident prone) and that she is just not happy. She left and went out to her Moms again but this time it sounds like she is staying there. She keeps saying that it is something with her that she needs to figure out. She just needs time but at the same time she said to get a room mate to split the cost of her not being there. That to me sound like she needs a lot of time to think. How much time to i give her? What is wrong with her? She sounds very confused as am I. Oh by the way I am 31 and she is 23 and our son is 6 months old. Did she find someone else? Too many thoughts in my head. Need help please. On verge of Breakdown. I love her and my son dearly and want them back. I am nothing without them in my life. Cant stop crying. I know guys are not supposed to cry but I have never cried so much in my life before. I have a bunch of e-mail back and forth from her and I the past few days and they are all very confusing. She said in one email that she just needs time and she is not saying that we can never be together and then in the next e-mail she says go ahead and get a roommate to share the costs of the apartment. I do not know what to think. I have done some bad things myself in this relationship as everyone has. i went though her purse one time and found a condom, that may not seem like a big deal to most but she never would keep condoms in her purse before. And it just so happend that i found it on a day that a good high school friend was supposed to meet up with her to hang out. Weird to me. Anyway help please.

Signed Confused
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replied March 12th, 2009
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the only thing you can do is give her the time she is asking for. i know that seems impossible and it hurts soooo bad but we cant change the way other people feel. the only thing we can do in a situation like this is take care of our children and ourselves. Try to focus on making yourself happy and seeing your baby if you can. Be her friend and support her as long as she isnt hurting you. Let her know you love her and will be there. But there comes a time where we are all alone and that is the time we get to know ourselves

I know how you feel. My hubby and I split shortly after the birth of our son. He needed to get away from me. We are now, 3 months later, trying to work things out.

It seemed that once I let go of trying to figure him out and trying to put my family back together....God did it for me

He brought my hubby back to us, even though I did wrongs i cant make rite

pm me if you want
I too found a condom in my hubby;s looked really really old but I too have the same fears in my head
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replied May 1st, 2009
you have to give her time...that means you have to pull away and not pressure her. it seems like she back and forth with you. i dont know if her age play an issue. when i was 26 my boyfriend was 21 and age was a big issue for me he acted like he was 14.
i dont know if you did anything to hurt her during the relationship theres two sides to a story. but let your main concern be of your son.
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