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girlfriend has lost her sexual stand on me

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Have been dating for 4-5yrs now,willing to give her a hand in marriage,but recently our sexual relation has been on a downfall,i understand she has been attending some church ceremonies which merely deprives us from having sex, but at sometimes we still do,but the distraction has taken its toll most of the times whereby i end up unsatisfied,i doubt if she is going to give me the satisfaction i usually had,although she always assures me that everything will be back to normal once we get married but i still don't think so,so its like am having second thoughts, what should i do?
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replied May 8th, 2012
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Leave her, marry her or masturbate until you want to get married or you leave her.

Those are your choices. Hopefully there are other things to base your decision on, and sex is just one such thing.
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replied July 8th, 2012
Attending Church Ceremony is dangerous to normal sexual life. Mostly in the Church or any religious places Sex is depicted as sin, crime so on.. ALthough sex is beautiful part of everybodies life. Sex is pure and pristine. Love can be faked but sex cant be faked.. so, if you both want to be normal in your life, be away from religious places, that doesnt help you much. Be confident and trustfull. I am sure, most of the natural life of an organism is denied in the Churches and I lost my girlfriend as she started listening to a man from the church, who advocated all principles of humsn life that actually never exists in the natual biological emotional life. We departed and now she feels for that, but time is all oover. SO take her away from that place for a week, show her the actuall life away from Church and try your luck. I go with you, she has lost her interest becuase of Church, not becuase marriage etc... these are excuses and preaches preached at Church. have good luck
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