I am prescribed to take Ginette 35 as I am having a irregular period (not exactly irregular the period cycle varies from 28 to 37 days, but I have never missed it), some problem with free Testosteron and I am also a bit thyroidic, like as per doctor my TSH is normal (4)but the ratio of TSH and T4 is not OK.So I take thyronorm tablet(25mcg) each day in empty stomach.I am also having cronic acne problem.

I am asked by doctor to take it for 6 cycles! Is it OK to take this for 6 cycles?

One more query, I have already taken the first 21 tablets of Ginette, the last tablet I took on last tuesday ie 23rd June,2009. Ideally I should take the next medicine again on 1st July as 7 days of pill free period should be there. But I am confused that doctor also told me to start a file on the first day of menstrual period, but after completing last pill on 23rd June, I am again having period on 28th June!. Then actually from which day I should start taking the second file of medicine? Please let me know.

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replied June 9th, 2010
i m suffreing from irregular period
for that i have my ultrasound in that multiple small follicles are seen (5-7mm) doctor suggested me ginette35 after taking that i m not getng proper periods its flow decrease.... i got my periods at subsequent day but periods flow decrease and my weight is increasing
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replied May 10th, 2015
l skip ginette 32 tablet and now l,am having small dropping of blood every day what should l do can l continue using the pill again
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