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giddy,eating a lot, stomach look bigger...

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It goes like this.. 14 August 11 we did it with a condom.Missed 2 months period,i have never been regular anyway so i thought nothing of it. 12 October i started to feel nausea all day,giddy,frequent urine,shortness of breath,bloating,mood swing,gaining weight,food craving,breast tenderness,increased appetite and always tired.Did a home test,negative.

21 October, i noticed more weird symptoms,stomach started growling loud and i feel nausea only when i smell certain food and even my favorite shampoo and face wash trigger the nausea as before i feel nausea all day.

25 October, i have my period, a short one,with small clots,last only 3 days, normally 7 days also with small clots. Went to A&E as i thought i was having a miscarriage,did a blood test, negative as HCG is too low to be pregnant.She made an appointment on 2nd November for me to have an ultrasound.

27 October,symptoms remain with sudden feeling of pull/tugging in lower abdominal,lower back pain,shortness of breath remains and stomach also seem to look bigger and more bloated and heavy,then excess saliva in my mouth which made me nausea.

1 Nov,nausea getting better but tummy still very bloated.Went for Ultrascan, doctor said not pregnant but they found a endocx polyp of 0.9mm.She told me to wait three months for it to go away by itself,however could this be causing all the symptoms?

As of today, i am still nausea upon smelling certain food or toiletries, giddy,eating a lot,stomach look bigger with some red marks on it,there are also some red veins on my thighs.The area around my nipples,seem to be getting larger and lighter in color.Breasts also seem to be growing.

Need to know what is happening to me.Really cannot explain my frustrations.

Sorry for long post.
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replied November 7th, 2011
Sorry its 7 September we did it and i had my last period on 14 August 11. My tummy also feel very itchy these 2 days.
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