I'm a 27YO female travelling around Laos. Current medications: Doxy 100, Levlen 30ED. PMHx: left kidney agenesis from birth (right kidney fully functioning)

I've been feeling nausious and have had no appetite or energy for 3 days now. My stool has been loose and a creamy/pale or the past 24 hrs. Scott thinks I look a little yellow/white and I feel hot but our thermometer isn't reading a temperature (36.Cool.

Could it be Guiardia or just travellors diahorrea?

I've been resting heaps, drinking water, and eating small meals (my nausea is often worse around lunch and after meals).

Tonight I am thinking of taking some Norfloxacin (2x 400mg) and rehydration salts.... is this the right thing to do?
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replied March 10th, 2013
Ok, first off i am not a doctor. I am a nursing student though and have pretty good knowledge with medical things. If you have giardia norfloxacin will not help. Giardia is caused by a parasite. Common treatment for parasitic infections is flagyl.

My biggest concern is the way you described your stool and your pallor. These can be signs of liver issues. You really need to see a doctor asap.
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