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Getting tubes tied

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I just wanted to know about getting your tubes tied after delivery.Will it be painful and how long is the down time.
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replied January 19th, 2009
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I had my tubes tied after my last son. It was supposed to be done at the deliverey because of my having a c-section, but there were complications and they did not want to risk keeping me in the OR longer than they could. I had it done two weeks after instead. They give you a medication that, well, let me put it this way, you just don't care nor remember anything. And that was it for me. Little incision in the belly buttion, one down on my c-section scar, and they did it from those two incisions. If you get it done like I did, which is laprascopic, it is a day surgery procedure, which means no overnight stay, you go home 30 mins after the procedure. The down time for me was 24-48 hours. It didn't hurt at all, well I had a little pain on the outside of my stomach, by my belly button that felt like a healing bruise, but that was it.
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