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Getting sick during period

My daughter is 15. Her cycle is pretty regular. But she has severe cramps and she gets sick each time where she has to stay home from school cough . We have tried 2 prescriptions so fsr. They both work for the cramps but not the sickness part. Is there anything she can take to fix this issue???
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replied April 9th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
MsNailz, That is not good. Have you tried getting her on birth control pills? That is often used to control PMS and PMDD symptoms. If she has heavy menstrual flow, she might also need to replace some of the vitamins and minerals she looses like iron. What does her doctor say?
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replied April 5th, 2011
*Getting caused by menstrual cycle?
*I was wondering why I get sick every time I get a menstrual cycle myself. One other forum suggests that the junk food you eat during PMS could cause it (which I know not to be true because my eating patterns have always been the same around this time, but this past year is when I started getting sick every month), and another said it has nothing to do with immune system. I did some brainstorming, and remembered that I get low iron. I Googled "low iron, getting sick", and I did find that low iron weakens your immune system. So no it isn't yours, or your daughter's imagination. She might just need to take iron regularly, especially around that time. It is what helps me. Talk to your doc, and see what they say. i hope it helps!
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replied April 10th, 2011
Here's what's worked for me
I've had similar problems. Perhaps some of the following will work for your daughter. Taking a daily multi vitamin with iron (nature's sunshine) has prevented me from getting sick for the past year (except for this week, when I slacked, and thus my reason for searching the internet). My cramps are always worse if I didn't get a good night's sleep leading up to and the first night of my period. I eat a rather healthy diet, but fatty foods of any kind, milk included, seem to make my cramps deadly. I've given up eating at the start of my period or the start of noticing cramps until they subside a few hrs later. Then I eat only a little at first to make sure the cramps are really gone. A heat pad on the abdomen does wonders (microwavable teddy). When all else fails or I have to go to work/school, I take Advil (but I fear damaging my intestines in the long run). In high school, I used to lie down for a few hours until I felt better. A website I read today mentioned endometroisis being related to autoimmune disease.
A friend says tampons help but they still gross me out. Movement (exercise) and staying warm help me.
My doctor's only solution was birth control pills that would regulate my period and perhaps the pain. I wasn't interested at the time.

To recap: take a daily multi-vitamin, get 8+ hrs of sleep a night (i.e., don't wake up tired), using a heating pad on the abdomen for pain (there are stick on ones you could probably wear to school), don't eat once your cramps start until they subside unless you want to feel like you're going to die or at least throw up, especially don't eat anything difficult to digest (fats), take a pain killer if going out is necessary or hide in your bedroom with only your mom allowed to enter. Or, before the cramps get severe, start walking or doing low-moderate aerobics (you'll have to keep it up for a long time, so don't go too hard).

I wish you well. Bad periods are not fun but hopefully this helps.
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