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I am 17 years old and I'm thinking of haveing a baby someday soon. I really want a baby and not only am I good with babies and have experience through babysitting my friends babies... and I would be a good mom but the reason I really want one and not wait for when I'm in my 20s or 30s with a husband is because my mom is old and I want her to know her grandchild. Like I want her to be there when I give birth and help me raise my baby. the same thing with my dad.
I don't have to worry about being tied down or anything, I don't travel,(I have my own farm/Business) and I don't have friends, I mostly am at home because I'm homeschooled. I am financially stable, I have my own small APT.
My parents are on board with whatever decision I make but I don’t have a boyfriend or anything to be my baby daddy so how will that work? Also is my birthing plan to unrealistic for my first time? I want an all natural water birth with a midwife. I have a large pain tolerance. Thanks.

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