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Getting pregnant a 2nd time on clomid???

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So I concieved my first child using provera for 10 days to start AF anf then 50 mg of clomid days pregnant on the 1st cycle, i am now trying for a second child and since my husband is afganhistan we want to try to get pregnant on R and R and that gives us a 2 weeks to try, since i dont have period on my own its nice that i can kinda put an exact date to start trying, but i wanna make sure we get it right, and i was just wondering if anyone has had luck the second time around on clomid with no problems
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replied August 20th, 2011
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hi,AidensMama; your son I assume.
what u can do is keep your pelvis tilted up for ten minutes after sex, HAVE an orgasm because it helps draw the sperm to where they need to be.
. . if u can try some herbal help like HORNY GOAT WEED and yes that is the name at any vitamin store.
. . AND SEX 2 OR 3 times a day during fertile times
give hubby some of your HORNY GOAT WEED and
. . . . . . BEST WISHES to u , hubby & children
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