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getting palpitations at least once a day...

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My Grandfather died before I was born on my Fathers side. He was just turned 40 and died from Atherosclerosis, I've always been aware that I could be at risk and last year I started getting shortness of breath and would wake up gasping for air. I had this checked out and had an ECG I was also given blood tests and was told my blood work was basically perfect.

In the last month I have been getting palpitations at least once a day and at most three times a day.

I have done my research and have been told that if you have had an ECG and it has come back fine, there is no way that you have an underlying heart condition. This seemed strange to me. Anyway the same poster I am referring to who said this is a retired doctor. Their explanation was that the vagus nerve causes these palpitations and are completely harmless.

Should I still be worried or are these palpitations probably benign?

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