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Getting metabolism back to normal ?

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hey, I have been restricting for about 8 month at first it was really bad and i would only eat breakfest at 6am go to school stay after school and run track and then come home and have dinner. but that was only for like 2 weeks at most but other than that i had been eating about 1000 cal. per day.NOw i eat more like 1500 daily or more.
Before this all started i wieghed about 115 and was 5'5 ish (and would eat what ever i want and didnt care at all). now i am 5'6 and wiegh about 96. i working on gaining wieght but i was just wondering what was the best way to get my metabolism back to the way it was and be at the weight i was. or if it it is even poissible to get my metabolism back. When i gain the weight back will my metabolism be back? or will i just keep gaining wieght?
I just want to be back to the way i was? what is the best way to do that?
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replied October 26th, 2012
just keep doing what your doing and slowly go up to 2000- 2500 minimum calories to heal from the damage. SLOWLY though to avoid refeeding syndrome. Check out gwyneth olwyn's blog on the subject. noone can say for sure when it will come back but the sooner you eat more and heal the better and faster you will live with a normal metabolism Smile
Good luck to you- im 17 and going through this same thing.
I was about the same as you weight wise with my disorder- trust me you were beautiful before.

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