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? getting lower back pains bad in my ribs ,

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My name is Eric ,I am 46 years old.i am pretty fit .I run about 1.5 miles and work out with weights about 4 to 5 days a week .been a gym nut all my life .People tell me all the time that i look in my lower 30`s.Normally weight about 190lb and 5 foot 10 inches.About 6 monts ago started getting lower back pains bad in my ribs ,comes and goes through the day .But at night i can drink one small mixed drink and the pain will sometimes bring me to my knees and almost make me cry. Feels like someone beat me in the back with a bat .I weigh 205 and the belly pooch and severe back rib pain has me worried. I am divorced pay child support and no insurance .Really can`t afford to go to doctor .also have high blood pressure and not on meds./ bp runs about 155 over 100.
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replied January 13th, 2012
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Is the belly pooch increasing the curve in your lower or mid-back?

I would try:
1) "Static back position" where you lie on the floor and your hips and knees are bent 90 degrees and your calves are resting on a chair of suitable height.
Then do "diaphragmatic breathing". Your diaphragm muscle should drop down when you inhale and your belly will expand out (up if you are on your back). Put a sneaker on your stomach. It should go up and down.
The WRONG way to breath is for your ribcage to expand when you inhale.

2) "Progressive groin stretch" (Do a Google search). This will lengthen your mid spine and hip flexors. It is an amazing stretch but you have to lie there for 20 minutes or more for it to work.
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