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Getting ears pinned back

I'm 12 and have just been put on the waiting list for my ear to be pinned back. I think it's going to have to be a little reshaped too. It's my left ear and it sticks out and is also a little pointy. This has really knocked my confidence and I really want my hair tied up! So I've finally gone ahead with it. Could anyone tell me about there experiences with this surgery and tell me if it hurts and how there outcome was? I've also heard that the aneasthetic they put you under, you could end up not waking up, is this true because I'm scared of that?
All replies will be appreciated, thankyou! Very Happy
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replied February 18th, 2010
I had the exact same operation, though It was my right ear.
I had it done when I was in year 5 so I would of been, 9/10? and It was fine. over the years I've had many operations but that one, I suffered very litle pain as they bandaged my ear up so no one would knock into it.

The only problem I suffered from is my eyes swelled up, but they later found out I was extremly allergic to the tape they use to put of your eyes so you dont wake up! so I dont think thats a problem you would worry about.

The aneasthetic is fine, you just go really dizzy and then your asleep, and before you know it your back and awake! my aneastetist tickled my feet when i was going to sleep!

Best of luck! Im sure you will look stunning and be able to have your hair how you want it! (;
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replied March 9th, 2010
thankyou so much, im really scared i just got a letter this morning saying mynes in april but itz 1 day after our 2 weeks holidays so iv gotta have anuva 2 weeks off im going to be soo bored! but i dnt no wat to tell my frendz bcoz im scared to tell them tht im having it so wht shall i do? also in the handbook it says there is a possibility u cud die frm the anesthetic this has really scared me!! "/
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