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Gerd, pergnant, or stomach ulcer?

For the past three weeks i have felt extremely sick. I have had really bad stomach pains normally in my upper abdomen. I have also had really bad headaches and been extremely nauseous. I went to the doctors a week ago they thought i might have had mono and did a blood test. They called me three days later and told me the test was negative and that i might have had it earlier in the month and to try and rest for the rest of the week. (i have also been very tired) I have had sex but it was about two/three months ago, it was protected sex and i have had my period so im really hoping im not pregnant. I cant seem to figure out what is wrong with me Sad. In the past i have had problems with gerd but i dont really think this is the same. This has been keeping me out of work andin bed. Im 19 and i smoke cigs other then that i dont do anything else. Im 5'6 and weigh about 205. I have also had a slight problem pooping and anytime i do poop it is diareah. Please if you have any answers i need help. Could this be a stomach ulcer?Could i be pregnant even if i have had 3 regular periods? If this is the gerd acting up what can i do to stop it cause i cant live like this... I have to get back to work. Please help i need it!!!!
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replied March 24th, 2013
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I think you know the answer.

According to your height and weight, you come in the obese category when you check your Body Mass Index score.
You need to lose between 50 and 90 pounds.
You also need to give up smoking.
And get out of bed and start getting some exercise.

Your pains may be due to reflux and other conditions which may result from being overweight and smoking.
If it is reflux or ulcer, drugs may help but you cannot rely on medicines to sort out the problems you are inflicting on your own body.

You are 19. You need to sort this out now. If you don't, you are seriously at risk from all sorts of illnesses and disease including heart attacks, stroke and cancer.
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replied March 25th, 2013
But the problem is that normally i am very active. I work 40 hours a week running around a grocery store like a crazy person.. I play and help my brothers with baseball and i have a gym next to my room. I may need to lose weight but its not because im lazy!
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